Tour of Studio 2100

The Rooms

Studio 2100 is a professionally designed studio with one large live room, three isolation rooms, and one control room. Each recording room was designed with different acoustical characteristics so as to capture different “colors” during the recording process. The control room is a highly accurate mixing environment. Mixes are well translated from the studio into the real world.

Gear & Equipment

At Studio 2100 you will find an array of top-quality equipment to achieve the sound your fans deserve including a Sony DMX R100 Console, 2 Neve 1083, 2 API 512C, Vintech 473, Avalon Vt 737sp, Universal Audio dual 610, 2 Wunder audio PEQ1R, Shadow Hills Mono Gamma, Amek 9098, 2 Distressor Compressor, 1 Universal Audio 1176, 2 APi 550B, Joemeek VC1, Apogee Conversion, SLS Ribbon Driver nearfield monitors.

Microphones from Neumann, Telefunken, AKG, Audix, Shure, Gt Electronics, Royer, Korby Kat, Lawson, and more.


Studio 2100 uses Steinberg Nuendo, an industry leader in digital recording software, with a collection of high-end plugins from manufacturers such as Universal Audio, Neve, SSL, Waves Mercury, Melodyne, Auto-Tune, Reason,  and many more;  no sonic vision is unattainable.


Studio 2100 provides several in-house instruments available for recording upon request. Instruments include:

– C&C 4-piece custom drum kit with multiple  Custom Snares

– Hammond C3 with 122 Leslie

– Gibson Les Paul Gold Top

– Fender Telecaster Deluxe

– Fender Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster

– Custom Shop Signature Jazz Bass

– Fender American P Bass

– Vox AC-15

– Mesa Dual Rectifier

– 65 Amps London

and more.