Studio 2100 provides a variety of services to meet your project's needs.
Priced from $55 per hour
At Studio 2100 you will find an array of top-quality equipment to achieve the sound your fans deserve. At the center of Studio 2100 is Nuendo, an industry leader in digital recording software, with a collection of high-end plugins from manufacturers such as SSL, Antares, Bombfactory, MCDSP, Waves, Sansamp, Metric Halo, and many more; no sonic vision is unattainable. Our lowest rate of $55/hr is for any session of 10 hours and is designed for the budget-minded client that needs a professional recording, but doesn't have a professional sized checkbook. The hourly rate also includes an engineer. The hourly rate for sessions under 10 hours is the low rate of $65/hr. Extra musicians can be provided upon request.
Studio 2100 cd mastering is performed in Pro Tools using sophisticated digital signal processing plugins such as multiband parametric compression, multiband equalization, and limiting. Our mastering can put the finishing sparkle on your project. Contact us today for a free mastering estimate.
Studio 2100 cd duplication pricing is based on a direct copy from the cd master. Re-sequencing can be done at our affordable studio rate.

In Studio Session Backup CD $5.00 each
In Studio Session Backup DVD $25.00 each
CDs as low as $1.35. Please contact us for a price quote.