Studio 2100 is a multi-track digital audio studio for bands and solo artists. Priced from $55 per hour

At the center of Studio 2100 is Sony's flagship console, the DMX R100 Digital Automated Console, Apogee converters and Steinberg Nuendo with tons of plugins from manufacturers such as SSL, Antares, Bombfactory, MCDSP, Waves, Sansamp, Metric Halo, and many more.
Studio 2100 uses hi-end outboard mic preamps such as Neve, Universal Audio, Avalon, Amek, and Joe Meek. Studio 2100 also uses outboard Lexicon and TC Electronics effect processors, and uses a collection of great mics from Neumann, AKG, Royer, and more. Also available are guitar amps from Vox, Marshall, Mesa Boogie, and Fender.
Studio 2100 is a professionally designed studio with one large live room, three isolation rooms, and one control room. Each recording room was designed with different acoustical characteristics so as to capture different "colors" during the recording process.

The control room is a highly accurate mixing environment. Mixes are well translated from the studio into the real world.